How Does It Get Even Better than this?  What Else Is Possible?

All the classes use the Access Consciousness tools and are a possibility to Shift Molecules and Expand your BEing in a simple, pragmatic, easy, fun and joyful way!  What if you could RECEIVE have More Fun than you ever thought possible?

Gone are the days of drama and trauma for processing.  Have you, like me been through those wringers of change only to find that not much actually changed?   Nice spiritual experiences but not much change.

Are you seeking something that works dynamically and tools that are easy to use without falling into not getting it 'right'?  Join me for the tasters and for the many ways we can destroy and uncreate this polarity reality's hold on you and your amazing life. 

Check the Calendar for the dates and times for these events.

 ~ Shifting Molecules ~ 105 minutes of expanding your BEing to change whatever is up for the day.  What else is possible for your sweet body, your relationships, limitless fun and joy, your creations?   FREE

 ~ The Art of Communion ~105 minutes of connecting with the Earth and all  BEings for Giving and Receiving of the Acoustical Energy WE Be.
Working with the Earth and all her kingdoms!  I wonder what we can create with this energy and how that would play out in all our relationships? What energy can WE BE that changes us, changing this whole polarity reality?  What Restoration of Communion with the Earth can WE BE? FREE

~ Energy Flows ~ 40 minutes ~ I know we have all been told don't pull or push energy!  Come and explore another way of flowing energy that is not taking or smothering someone else!  HOW expanded can you BE?
Rp 110,000 includes Indonesian tax 

~ The Art of Gifting and Receiving ~  3:45-9pm ~ Bars® with Movies! 
Prerequisites: The Bars®Class

This is such a fun event!  2 Movies!  One to stir the pot and one to remember our Magic! Imagine getting your Bars® run for 2 hours! Dinner in the Middle! And a Magical Energy Pull at the close of the evening!   Come play! 
Rp 100,000 bring a contribution of sweet or salty.  I provide main course, tea and water.

~ In-To-Me-See ~  3 Hours~  How much intimacy do you have with your own Being?   Would you like some tools for dropping your barriers and expanding into your knowing, perceiving, Receiving and BEing?
Rp 500,000 includes Indonesian tax

The Book Club ~  90-120 minutes of fun!  LOTS of clearings and change, great with group energy! 
Rp 285,000 per chapters, includes Indonesian tax

*  The How to BE Money Workbook and the Advanced How to BE Money are favorites'!  You WILL Receive changes in your money flows if you are willing the Change your points of view!  How much money would you like to Receive?

*  The Salon de Femmes and The Gentlemen's Club.  Gary Douglas  These are transcribed from the Teleseries of the same name…..I like to do one chapter from each book each week. Receive insights about the male and female energy. How easy can you create Relationship with yourself and others? Would you like to leave with more kindness and caring for all!

 *  Being You, Changing the World.  Dr Dain Heer  How many book chapters can we read in a week.   I would be happy to have 3 books a week going!  How does it get better than that?  HOW MUCH FUN CAN WE HAVE?

I am willing to have a book club for any book you want to read together and do massive clearings!

Go here and let your curiosity for having more in your life direct you to the one or many for you! How much fun can you have?

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