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Access Consciousness Body Processes

Private Sessions and Classes

So if Bodies repair themselves as quickly and the data implies, what causes us to age and get ill? WE do! Our thoughts, feelings, judgments, conclusions, decisions, computations, all the points of view with all our reactions and resistance and even aligning and agreeing create the density in our bodies. When we are full of boundaries we create premature aging, accidents and Illness.

Awesome, beautiful, conscious bodies! Once we learn to listen to the signals from the body, we are accessing body wisdom.

When you communicate your gratitude, kindness and loving to your body, they respond. Bodies are conscious and respond to questions! What? Right? When was the last time you asked your body what it wanted to eat? What it wants to wear today? Even if you choose to wear 'that' will it make you more money?

Yes. You can communicate with your body. I wonder how much happier your body could be if you chose to communicate with it.

There are over 60 Body Processes available to change the way the body functions, combined with touch are questions and clearing statements for clearing the judgments, conclusions, projections, the posturing and bounderies that create the pain and suffering of the body.

Some of my favorite processes you will receive in The New Foundation class MTVSS and Cellular Memory. Others that have contributed so much Ease and Joy of BEing in my body are Compensatory Drift, and Restoration of Communion with the Earth, Tri Fold Sequencing Systems for Drug Induced scenarios, Perfectionisms and Insanity. I could go on and on!

Personally I have received great benefit from the Body Processes and the Facilitators that hold total allowance for what else is possible for bodies. ​

Among the many benefits from using Body Processes, are Rejuvenation, Agelessness, No more colds and flus, Diminished Pain, Elimination of Judging you and your body, End looping, PTSD and Receive more freedom of movement and increased stamina ~ just to name a few possibilities.

You give and receive 1 session each, Instruction handout, and a Certificate. You will be qualified to share the process with your friends and family, AND, add them to your bag of consciousness for your clients and charge for them! How does it get better than that?
I provide Massage tables, snacks, and water, in Bali you receive a 10% discount on food in the restaurant.

Ask your Body, "Body would you like to receive an Access Consciousness Body Process?"

Private Sessions: Indonesia Rp 2,200,000 includes tax
US$ 170.00
Classes: 4 HOURS Rp 550,000 includes tax


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Bali Venue: Taksu Spa & Restaurant ~ Ubud Bali~ +62 971-490
All of Life Come to Us With Ease, Joy & Glory!
How much Fun Can We Have?

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