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Access Consciousness Book Club
Rp 285,000 per class, includes Indonesian tax

*  The How to BE Money Workbook and the Advanced How to BE Money, by Gary Douglas are favorites! 
You WILL Receive changes in your money flows when you are willing the Change your points of view!How much money would you like to Receive?

*  The Salon de Femmes and The Gentlemen's Club, by Gary Douglas These books are transcribed from the Teleseries of the same name…..I like to do one chapter from each book each week. Receive insights about the male and female energy. How easy can you create Relationship with yourself and others? Would you like to have more kindness and caring for all!

*  Being You, Changing the World, by Dr Dain Heer How many book chapters can we read in a week.   I would be happy to have 3 books a week going!  How does it get better than that?  HOW MUCH FUN CAN WE HAVE?

Go here and let your curiosity for having more in your life direct you to the one or many for you! How much fun can you have?

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All of Life Come to Us With Ease, Joy &Glory!
HOW much Fun Can We Have?​

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