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Send Everything,That Is NOT YOU Packing!
OR Engage them to Create a new Reality With YOU!  What????

What is not you?  The Distractor Implants, the Culture, the Forms and Structures of the boxes of this Reality, the Judgments, the Conclusions, and then there are the entities, demons, the monsters, spooks, ghosts, and even the angels, the masters, these can be in your Life, and they are not you.

 Would you like to get over discounting what you already are aware of?

Would you like some tools to command the unseen world?  Our ‘helpers’ come in many forms.  Some are welcome and some are not.
And none of them are YOU!
What if all are harmless and can even serve you?

You might enjoy
Shannon O'Hara's book Talking to the Entities

 You will get tons of clearings and some very Practical Magic!
 4 Hours
Rp 440,000 (includes tax)

What stupidity are you using to create the fear and loathing of entities, ghosts, spooks, monsters, demons, creatures, and vampires that you find entertaining and amusing are you choosing? Everything that is, will you destroy and uncreate it all? X's A Godzillion! RWGBPOD&POCAll9SB&B all!!!

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All of Life Come to Us With Ease, Joy &Glory!
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