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For A Body And Mind That Are More Fun To Live In!

WHAT does that mean? You know when someone says something and you get goose bumps or chills or tingling? Energy is Shifting. Molecules are moving!

The Benefit of molecules moving is there is more Space for you!

Questions start the molecules aligning to create what you are looking for. In 2012 I asked a question, 'what will bring me more consciousness and more consciousness to the planet'? Bam, a friend called and wanted to teach our Spa staff Energetic FaceLift. I asked, 'what is the core of that energy?' Her reply, "ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS". Wow! How clear can the Universe BE? What was my original question? 'What will bring me more consciousness and more consciousness to the planet'?

IF ever I doubted that the Universe had my back, well having that energy come in quickly and precisely cleared that doubt!

Shifting Molecules is a time when we gather to explore a few questions about something you would like to change or create more ease with, and I do a little magic with more questions and clearings and you get an energy shift!

How much fun can we have playing with questions, receiving energy shifts, have an introduction to Access Consciousness? Maybe it is the first time you will get 'it' in this way maybe not.

Shifting Molecules to creates More Space for You BEing YOU?
Who requires their Frequencies to change?

1 hour 45 minutes. F*R*E*E GROUP EVENT

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Shifting Molecules