I remember when I was a child and would be resting in grass or the sand, or floating on water and could sense that I melded with it, or became 'one' with it.  Do you remember that too?    I remember how clearly I could hear the birds and insects, and smell the air and sense the vibration of the seasons.  Each season had (still has) a particular tone.  Rain coming had a smell and vibration that was distinct   

Then I was drug off by being a teenager and a young adult into the vibrations of rock & roll, creating a career and participating in relationships and basically trying to fit into the boxes of this reality.   All of that, as fun as it was, seemed to deaden me to my sensing that I was still part of this Acoustical Earth Energy. 

Since the '70s I have been working with the Earth. It is a skill and magic I have for supporting the Earth and being supported by the Earth.  I have been BEing Restoration and Communion with the Earth did not realize what a contribution it is


What if you were the source of everything that would create a different world here on planet earth? Would you be willing to be that?

Everywhere you have projections, separations, expectations, rejections and judgements of what Restoration of Communion with the Earth has to look, act like,  can't look like, taste like, smell like, please  destroy and uncreate it times a godzillion!  RWGBPPA9SBB!
These are interesting times.  Many sources are calling it Armageddon or the Kali Yuga.

"Earth makes one 360 degree trip round the galaxy every 25,920 years. The complete cycle is known as a yuga. There are four parts to the yuga.  Two parts (180 degrees) of ascending consciousness and two parts (180 degrees) of descending consciousness.

This cyclic rise and fall of consciousness on earth has been going on since its creation, and that explains the rise and fall of great civilizations on earth.  The kali yuga is the last quadrant of descending consciousness within the yuga. The earth is now at the tail end of the kali yuga.   The biblical name for the kali yuga is the end times or Armageddon."

 WHAT IF your creative potency is exactly what could create a different reality right now?

 "The end times will not be the end of earth, but the end of darkness and misqualified, bastardized, heavy Energy on this sweet earth—and the dawn of the seventh golden age of Awareness and Consciousness."

What will it take to have Restoration of Communion with Earth to Be a process that WE choose everyday?   Everything does not allow you to Perceive, Be, Know and Receive that can we destroy and uncreate it all?  RWGBPPA9SB&B

 “With great power comes great responsibility.” Responsibility OR Awareness & Consciousness that it is ALL energy and I wonder What it will take to Choose and Create with the Energy of Ease & Joy?

So what Energy, Space and Consciousness can you choose right now that will contribute to YOU and the Restoration of  Communion with the Earth?

 What if choosing to expand your BEing and receive and give energy is the Communion with your body and BEing, others, the Earth and the cosmos is what you have been looking for?

Watch for Classes and choose Private Sessions in The Art of Communion.  You are Acoustical energy, the energy of Life is Acoustical.

What will it take to Choose for YOU BEing YOU! 

How much fun can you have?  How many of you are refusing to use the your humor to create the reality that would change realities for all eternity? Everything does not allow you to Perceive, Be, Know and Receive that can we destroy and uncreate that?  RWGBPPA9SB&B

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Restoration of Communion With The Earth

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